Doer-Seller Training Academy

Zweig group PRESENTS the

Doer-Seller Business Development Training Academy


what would it mean for your firm if you could create an all-star team of doer-sellers?


we understand that companies and individuals struggle when there is a lack of strategy, process, communication, training and a coach in their corner. 

Many technical professionals struggle with the skills that are critical to growing business. In order to grow into a position of leadership, they need the skills and know-how to strategize, build and deepen relationships, and win more work. Our proven Doer-Seller Business Development Training Program guides participants through all the stages of business development where they will each: 

  • develop a personal business development plan

  • Identify strategic clients

  • develop a client capture plan

  • develop a relationship with at least one client

  • position the firm and themselves

  • identify project opportunities

  • develop a winning proposal strategy

  • nail the interview

  • secure the work

Program sessions include hands-on workshops along with practical assignments, allowing participants to work simultaneously towards their goal of securing at least one new client or enhancing an existing one. With a proven, robust program develop, we also work with you to tailor your specific program.

With over 200 technical professionals turned successful Doer-Sellers, we understand how to create those light bulb moments that come when those technical professionals realize that they can indeed build relationships and help their firms build business. This is why we do what we do!