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BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AUDIT. The most effective way to evaluate your current position, strategies, structure, processes and skill sets as an organization is through a business development audit. The audit starts with a leadership discovery meeting to learn about and assess the firms structure business development and marketing processes and communications . Following this discovery meeting, we conduct one-on-one interviews either in person (preferably) or via video conference with key business development staff including identified potential doer-sellers.  The result is a deliverable report consisting of a comprehensive analysis of individual and corporate skills, goals, and deficiencies, along with recommendations that can take your business development to the next level, significantly impact your bottom line through increased efficiencies, process development and improvement, strategy, internal communication, training, and more. We also deliver recommendations of participants to engage in a Doer-Seller Business Development Training Program.


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PROCESS. Implementing a strategic business development program can help transition to a rifle approach placing more focus on specific targets. Through a priority based client management approach, you are spending the majority of your time on your highest priority clients while addressing other clients at the same time. We can help implement a priority based business development program to maximize business development efforts to win work and stay ahead of your competition.

STRUCTURE. Creating the right structure can make the difference by having the right people in the right places, harnessing your existing talent, and identifying and growing future leadership while promoting accountability. To achieve maximum success, we believe a strong doer-seller program integrates non-technical business developers with technical doer-sellers. We can help create a structure that encourages a business development culture.

COMMUNICATIONS. Communications is crucial to the success of any company. Yet this is the piece we so often see as lacking in firms, especially as they grow. We can work to develop a communications plan that encourages accountability, fosters teamwork, engages all levels of leadership, crosses markets and service lines, and integrating marketing. As part of our communications program, we often work with business development and marketing leadership to format a monthly Business Development meeting with the tools to create a concise, informative, and productive meeting so what is learned will continue to be implemented and your team will work together to achieve corporate goals. We can assist with leading the first meeting and guiding staff in leading this meeting successfully.

STRATEGIC PLANNING. Individual business development and client capture plans can be used by leadership to outline a corporate strategic plan. Individual goals lead to team goals, that then lead to regional goals. We can assist with the rollup of the individual plans, helping to identify gaps and facilitate an overall corporate strategic plan identifying larger strategic goals with plans and action items.

Training Modules

Below is the comprehensive Doer-Seller Business Development Training Program. We work with you to develop a schedule that best suits your needs and the outcome you desire. 

From Turnovers to Touchdowns. Score More Work Through a Strategic Business Development Approach. 

Basics of Business Development & Maximizing Client Relationships from Behind the Desk.  

Developing Your Personal Business Development Plan. 

Market Research 101.  

Client Capture Plan Workshop 

Relationship Development 101.  

Developing Your Why to Develop Your Personal Brand. 

Power Positioning. 

Creating Client Persona's as Part of Your Marketing Strategy.

Work Smarter, Not Harder - Productivity 101.

Communications 101: From the Basics to Creating Conversations that Count.

Successful Conference Strategy.  

Intentional Networking.


Persuasive, Powerful Pursuit Strategy.  

Creating a Championship Interview Team. 

Additional modules can be created based on specific needs. 



Are you an individual who needs Business Development coaching? Whether you are an existing Doer-Seller or you want to be or someone who manages Doer-Sellers, we can help. We offer comprehensive coaching services that can help you no matter what level of your career ignite your passion, formulate and implement a plan that will turn your inspiration into action and impact your ultimate success. Our coaching programs include goal setting, planning, monthly meeting (in person or electronic), and reporting. They are offered as part of an Training Program package or on an individual basis. We help individuals get to the next level of their career, and teams reach revenue goals.